About Pinworlds

With the advent of more advanced lighting systems, highly evolved displays/rulesets and plenty of room for custom toys, we (meaning me, just one guy) at PinWorlds decided "we demand more" out of our playfield toys to complement all this new tech. It is time to replace some of these mass-manufactured background pinball playfield "toys" and silkscreened noise with something more boutique and detailed.



We create dioramas, or miniature worlds, to enhance that "world-under-glass" feel you get when playing a pinball machine.  We are currently working on Stern's Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones pinball machines, but we have an eyeball (or two) on The Hobbit and Dialed-In in the future.  

All of our toys are custom designed and 3D printed to fit perfectly on each target pinball machine.  Each model is individually hand painted, weathered and shot with three to five layers of clearcoat.  Because of the nature of individually hand-crafted mods, each piece may vary in color and consistency.

For lighted mods, we use the excellent Matrix Quick Connect System for easy(ish) tie-in into your pinball's existing lighting system.


Modular Dioramas

For mods mounted on plastic ramps or wireforms, we have developed a modular system that allows for quick installation and removal. 

We will occasionally offer new dioramas for your existing PinWorlds mods free on Thingiverse for those who have access to 3D printers.  Simply print out the new model and install on your existing PinWorlds brackets.



We also offer rapid protoyping (FDM only), custom paint jobs and other special requests as time permits  Please contact us at chuck@pinworlds.com for anything you don't quite see here; color matching requests, raw models to paint yourself, etc.

Please, shop around and explore the products we have to offer. Do not hesitate to ask any questions. 

All the Best,

Chuck Nivison

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