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Lord of the rings PINBALL MODS

We see at least three big opportunities to improve on an amazing theme for Lord of the Rings.  Our first mod is an intricate volcanic mountain that simulates the feel of an active volcano as a replacement to the  Mt. Doom image on the backboard.  This mod is very simple to install (using existing hardware) and is lighted on your pinball machine's existing 5v circuit.  Once you see how amazing this mod looks, you'll never go back to the bland backboard image! 

Available Now

Rapid Prototype Services

Yes, we do rapid prototyping here in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Contact us:

stern's star wars PINBALL MODS

Star Wars is an amazing machine that is ripe for improvements.  We were very disappointed that three of the four major world shots were missing thematic toys.  With our "Missing Worlds" mod, we are bringing representation to Hoth, Endor and Tatooine.  Our toys represent familiar scenes from each of the planets.  They have been designed to avoid obstructing the player's view and are tied into the white GI lighting circuit, interacting with the lighting on the machine.

World Sets Currently Out of Production - Ice World and Sand World are Available Now

GoT Pro - Black Castle (Work in Progress)

GoT Pro - Black Castle (Work in Progress)

Wolf vs. Lion Lighted Sling Mod (Early Prototype)

game of thrones PINBALL MODS

There are so many thematic elements missing from this table, we can't help but to be sad.  We plan on adding some dramatic dioramas that fans of the series should be very familiar with. 

Available in Q2 of 2019