"ICE" Pop Bumper Replacement Cap

"ICE" Pop Bumper Replacement Cap


This pop bumper replacement cap is meant as a stand-alone replacement to the factory left pop bumper cap on both the PRO and PREMIUM/LE models.  It is not intended for use with the Ice World.

This is a drop-in replacement that is modeled to accommodate the Hot Wheel AT-AT toy from this pack:

Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ At At™ Vs Rebel Snowspeeder™ 2-Pack

NOTE: The At-At pictured is NOT INCLUDED; purchase this pack at your favorite retailer or e-tailer and pair it with this pop bumper cap.

The AT-AT fits snug on the pop bumper cap but you should secure it to the cap using epoxy or hot glue to handle the stress of mechanical pinball action.

Alternatively, if you own a 3D printer, this cap is available as a FREE download on Thingiverse!

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